Warren Huart has been blessed to make music for a living. After tinkering around with a cassette player and an electric guitar he built with his dad, Warren realized you can make marvelous music on any level of equipment. By sharing his knowledge, Warren is uniquely qualified to demystify the recording process and show there isn't much of a difference between the "professionals" and home recordists. Through this, he launched Produce Like A Pro, where he sits down with producers, mixers, and mastering engineers to share knowledge to people looking to make a career recording, mixing, or producing music. Most recently, his YouTube won a 2019 NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards in Audio Education Technology.


"Almost every day, someone just starting in the (music producing) business contacts me and asks where/how they should start (producing), that is why Warren Huart's 'Produce Like A Pro' series is such a great resource. ANYone at any level in this business can learn something valuable and or new from his videos and interviews, you are providing a much needed service here Warren, thank you!"

- Mark Needham (11x Grammy Nominee)

"A few years ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to Warren Huart. He asked me to do a series of tutorials on Produce Like A Pro and I really enjoyed both the collaboration and the value of what he’s doing for young audio industry professionals! I’ve had many different people get back to me saying how valuable that series was to them in both learning and application. I hope everybody enjoys this series as much is I have!"

- Bob Marlette (Alice Cooper, Saliva, Black Sabbath, Seether)


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